About Us

As a team of leaders and professionals we challenge the status quo, honing our skills, while remaining agile in an ever-changing environment.  By embracing our core values of Reliable, Efficient, Accessible, and Loyal, we are passionate and committed to offering world-class hospitality management services throughout every segment of our business.

RHG's founders developed this mission from a combined 60 years of industry experience based on four key principles:

We can be trusted to keep our promises and go above and beyond expectations.

We communicate effectively, we are organized, and we achieve desired results by making the most of our resources.

We are always available for each other, our guests, and our clients.

We are committed to bringing opportunity to our associates and to building successful businesses that improve the communities around them.

Corporate Responsibility

Real Hospitality takes corporate responsibility seriously, because we recognize the sphere of influence we have in our communities. We work with our teams across the country to train and develop associates, as well as support national and global efforts.

Nationally, RHG is a charter signer of The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, an industry-driven initiative to provide awareness, tools, and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

Real Cares is our local platform to support hotel community initiatives that include Habitat for Humanity, Feed the Children, Food Banks, and more.

Corporate Responsibility

Stonebridge Companies

In May of 2024, Real Hospitality Group was acquired by Stonebridge Companies. With the combined portfolio, we look forward to maximizing our performance across the country to serve our guests and stakeholders.

Founded in 1991 by Navin and Rita Dimond, Stonebridge is a hospitality management company with the unwavering focus and sharp insights integral to effectively manage and optimize hotel portfolios so investments thrive.  Stonebridge strives to be the company that everyone looks to and says they are the very best across the board providing exceptional hospitality to their Guest, their Team Members, and their Clients.

For more information on Stonebridge Companies, please visit

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